The good news is that the market is bustling and we will have a retail space available in January 2017. This space is not suitable for eateries/restaurants and is around 650 Sq. Ft. space.  Please submit your interest to admin@thecurbmarket.com.

We currently do not have available space for eateries/restaurants.

If you would like to place your name on the waiting list, contact admin@thecurbmarket.com or fill out the following form:

  • (Eatery, Retail, or Other)

Table Vending

It is the policy of the this organization to provide opportunities for locally made and locally grown products to be sold occasionally at the Market .  We reserve the right to limit the sale of items, which may compete or conflict with any of our full time merchants. The table vending space is open throughout the year with some limitations.  Spaces are available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (some exception may apply.)

Download the Table Vendor Policy and complete the Table Vending Application and email to admin@thecurbmarket.com or Fax to 404-659-2834.



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